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Sandra and Rochelle

Sandra and Rochelle are sisters and came to New Generation in 6th and 7th grade. Both girls had struggled academically, and Rochelle was language delayed. Both girls are very sweet and wanted to do better but unfortunately the public school was not moving at a pace at which they could function. As a result, Sandra had begun to hate school, Rochelle had not yet gotten to that point because, other than not talking much, she was functioning fairly well. Both girls had a particularly trying life; in addition to their own educational needs, their brother is severely handicapped. Once the girls started New Generation it was like a new world opened up to them. They began to flourish. Rochelle came out of her shell and started talking more. She developed good friendships and close relationships to the staff. Sandra began to see that she could learn and tried diligently in her studies. As a result, both girls who had been retained earlier in school where able to start functioning at grade level and were promoted to their right grade level. Both girls now plan on attending college and pursuing careers.

Attached you can see a letter from their mother that was written to Walmart seeking contributions, as well as video clips of both girls.

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