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Ashley moved to Florida from another state. Upon coming to Florida, her mother was concerned that she would not flourish in public school due to the relocation and change in living arrangements. Therefore, her mother sought to place her at New Generation. Unfortunately, because of the recent change in location Ashley did not qualify for any of the scholarships, nor could her family afford to pay the full tuition cost. New Generation, seeing the need and desire, worked with the family and arrange tuition on a sliding scale. Ashley attended New Generation for 4 years and did very well. Actually Ashley did so well that by 11th grade she was dual enrolled at the community college. Upon graduation Ashley had completed all but one semester towards her associates degree and plans on continuing her education so that she can become a child psychologist and help other children in need. This is but one example of what individual contributions help to provide.

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New Gen IS ACCREDITED by AdvancED (SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)!

New Gen is the ONLY private school in Columbia County that is AdvancED (SACS) accredited.

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