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Mr. William Clem: Maintenance


By Steven Fletcher (New Gen student) as featured in New Gen’s “Just Us” school newsletter

Mr. Will is our maintenance man here at New Generation Christian School. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and started working at the young age of fourteen. As a kid, he always enjoyed hands on work and manual labor.

Mr. Will enjoys firing firearms and playing a game of pool. His main job here at this school is to fix and maintain whatever we break. He does it all, plumbing, grounds work, repairs. He loves keeping busy and learning new things regarding the status of this school’s maintenance. He’s been in the field of maintenance for nineteen years. 

However, Mr. Will isn’t just a maintenance man, he’s a military veteran. During the 2000’s, Mr. Will worked on munitions. He started off on field artillery and had worked on the most powerful artillery weapon at the time. His job was to check in at night and wake up before everybody else to make sure that no one stole any hand grenades, ammo, or any rifles such as the M16. He has said that he misses the camaraderie between him and his fellow men. He is an amazing part of our New Generation staff.


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