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Mr. John Rivera: Middle & High School Teacher

2PJ1486412518130_00086My name is John David Rivera and I am one of two dedicated Middle and High School Elective teachers.  I am a New York native recently relocated to the O’Brien area of North Florida.  I formerly served as youth minister both in the New York City metro area and Long Island.  I am currently a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God.

My heart’s desire is that all children will be afforded the opportunity to receive a quality education as well as having their spiritual, emotional, and practical needs met.  I believe with all my heart that New Generation Christian School meets these needs through a supportive team of caring teachers.  I feel proud and honored to be part of this exceptional team of people.

My interests include: cooking, agriculture, animal husbandry, art, botany, and Entomology.  I share all these things with my lovely wife since 2004, Lisette Rivera, who happens to be the Middle School English teacher at New Gen.

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